Yotvata Inn

Israeli-style cuisine, desert themes, casual kibbutz atmosphere. Complete meals, snacks, fresh-made ice cream, convenience store, agricultural tours.

Air-conditioned indoor dining for 300, with shaded outdoor tables seating another 150.

Kosher dining (meat and dairy), famous home-made Yotvata ice cream bar, gift & souvenir shop, Dead Sea cosmetics, ample parking, adjacent bathrooms, disabled-accessible.

Food services

Choice of light / full  meals. Hot buffet with a variety of meat dishes, hot side dishes and generous salad bar. Take a tray and go for it!

Dairy “Choco-Bar” with a  T.A breakfast, fresh and toasted sandwiches, fresh salads, soft drinks, fruit juice, coffee, tea, everything you’d expect.

*All food served is kosher certified by the chief rabbinate of Eilat-Eilot.

Yotvata Inn will gladly host your group. Reserve in advance (a must), for your choice from an ample range of meal selections for your special event.

Yotvata Ice Cream

Rich ice cream, Italian-style gelato, and sorbets – all produced fresh every morning right on the premises. Our product comes straight to you from the famous Yotvata Dairy, just across the road from where you are sitting. Our ice cream is made from all natural ingredients and contains no preservatives, eggs, or flavor-enhancing additives.

We proudly produce over 100 different flavors including a roster of perennial favorites. You’ll find fresh Date Frozen Yogurt, Pistachio ice cream with no added sugar, unique gelato flavors like Mascarpone & Figs, Vanilla Cookies, Mango sorbet, and a long list of other popular crowd-pleasers.


There are not many drink for which it is worthwhile to travel for hours.
YOTVATA MORGANA is one of them, and is sold only in Yotvata Inn.
The drink is layered wickedly with special layers of Yotvata Ice Chocolate Milk, Toffee cream, Yotvata Ice Mocha, biscuit crumbs and topped with Yotvata whipped cream.
It doesn’t just sound good, it is delicious!
Well, this is what happens when Yotvata Inn cooperates with Yotvata Dairy.

Convenience store

Our store offers a wide variety of snacks, candy, soft drinks, beer, dried fruit and nuts, sandwiches, pastries both sweet and savory, gluten-free and sugar-free baked goods, cheeses, yogurt and yogurt drinks, plus soy milk and other dairy-free products.

You’ll find a range of our own Yotvata dairy products, of course — including our best-selling milk flavors like chocolate, mocha, ice coffee, banana, and so on; plain milk; and sour cream, yogurt and leben.

Gift shop

The entrance to the Inn invites a good browse through the gift shop area. You’ll find a range of olive oil products, jams and preserves, wines, T-shirts, hats and totes and sandals, Dead Sea natural cosmetics, souvenirs and gifts, handmade ornaments, toys, baby booties, Judaica and Holy Land souvenirs, and even a cellphone accessories corner.

Notable gift options include local Arava delicacies like dates, tahini, aromatic soaps, and gift boxes with attractive combinations of these.