Yotvata Park

A delightful visitor center experience with surprises for the whole family – where you can discover everything deliciously Yotvata! Experience it, enjoy it, and peek behind the scenes to learn what it’s all about.

Yotvata Park tells the epic story of Kibbutz Yotvata and its Arava desert environment, in four fabulous and unique exhibit spaces: The Kibbutz and its Dairy; The World of the Desert; Tales of Renewable Energy; and the Milking Shed (a simulation). A seamless integration of fascinating content and enjoyable things to see and do for visitors of all ages.

Visitor Center – The Kibbutz and its Famous Dairy

Two multimedia presentations here:

First, a fast historical recap. Yotvata was the first settlement in the Arava – starting in the middle of nowhere in 1957, surrounded by a remote desert wilderness, far from any major population center.
On move-in day, David Ben-Gurion famously said: “dare, persevere, succeed!”

And then – the “dairy they dared to dream.” Hardly anyone believed that milk cows could thrive in the middle of a desert…  but the Yotvata dairy grew into a national leader in its industry. Watch this lively video and see how.

The World of the Desert

For a true wilderness experience, take a virtual all-terrain vehicle out there into the heart of the desert on a ride you will never forget. Plus sandbox play, a climbing wall, and brain-teasing mind games. Something fun and memorable for everyone!

Tales of Renewable Energy

What is renewable energy anyway? Why does it need to be renewed? Very few children are prepared to answer those questions – and possibly even fewer of their parents…

All the answers to all the questions about renewable energy await you here. Join the fun with interactive demonstrations of advanced technology. Jump right in, play, and learn!

Yotvata Dairy Barn: the Milking Shed

When did you last meet a cow up close (but without the smells)? Well, here’s your chance!

First the milk and then… the ice cream. Take a deep dive into the secret world of Yotvata ice cream flavors. Meet a life-size (simulated) cow face-to-face. Play some milking games.

Free Play

The Park has open spaces with playground fun for all ages. There’s also plenty of room to sit and rest after all those hours on the road. Plus (paid separately): a serious butterfly coaster, and mini-tractor rides.