Yotvata Dairy

Kibbutz Yotvata, located 40 kilometers north of Eilat, is the first kibbutz established in the Arava desert in 1957, and has since been used as an example of pioneering, community building and development of the region. Determination members of Yotvata in addressing the difficult living conditions in the desert and prairie inspired young settlements were established around the sparking growth Local economic.

Decades later, Kibbutz Yotvata is the largest settlement in the Arava and has 170 families. Against all odds, the members of Kibbutz Yotvata demonstrated the feasibility of single milk in desert conditions and established a dairy business it is today one of the booming Prairie.
In the early 60th Yotvata Dairy began producing the famous chocolate, which sold the site of the kibbutz and dairy.

The park represents a tremendous experience of Yotvata Dairies tells of a small kiosk on the Arava road near a village, which has become the Paddock Yotvata “Today’s small dairy farm in the Arava and became one of Israel’s leading milk.